Hello? Is This Thing On?

Did you miss me? No? I get it I ghosted you hard. Just left without a goodbye.
I do realise I’m talking to no one right now. I barely had any readers to begin with, but for those of you just coming across this blog you will see I have older posts from 2014. I started this to write about my “getting sober experience” and ridding myself of all my perfectionistic ways.

Anyway, you have probably already guessed but I’m beginning again. I’ve been sober now for 40 days. I started a new blog on another domain but it didn’t feel the same as being here and since I still had this domain name I decided to come back.

I will be uploading my older posts to this site with the original posted date.



This Moment...

I finished my last glass of wine in anticipation of tomorrow…my new sobriety date. Right now this is how I’m choosing to view this lifestyle change. From experience I know I won’t feel like this every day, especially when life kicks me in the gut and I have nothing but my feelings to cling to. But, this time I need to remind myself to be positive about sobriety and despite the difficulties I will face, I look forward to the joy and energy that will be created just by being abstinent.

Here’s to moving forward. My perfect little wagon has had a make over. I just have to program the GPS!!

This Moment…